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Husky Cards and Access Badges


HS Building Management programs card access for personnel in Health Sciences, the Foege Building, ARCF and South Campus Center.

  • UW Husky Cards automatically provide after-hours access to the Health Sciences Building and South Campus Center perimeter. No request is necessary.
  • Access is automatically discontinued when personnel leave the UW or lose their card.  HS Building Management updates card access when personnel transfer departments.
  • To obtain a new or replacement Husky Card, please visit the Husky Card Services Husky Card information page.

  • To request access, the Building Access Coordinator (BAC) submits an online request.
  • The BAC will be notified when access has been added to the individual’s Husky Card.
  • For existing personnel, access may take up to 24 hours to activate.
  • For new personnel, requests may be submitted 24 hours after they receive their Husky Card.
  • For individuals that are not eligible for a Husky Card, the Building Access Coordinator (BAC) submits an online request for a HS Access Badge (combined access card and photo ID).
  • If a photograph is attached to the online request, the BAC will be notified when the badge is ready for pick-up in Room T283 (badges are not mailed).
  • After the BAC submits the request, the individual may come to T283 during business hours to be photographed.  Please bring valid government-issued photo identification.
  • Badges are valid for one year from date of issue.  If access is needed beyond one year, the department must purchase a new badge for the individual.

It is not necessary to notify HS Building Management when faculty, staff or students leave the UW.  The Workday or SDB feed will automatically deactivate their Husky Card.

If a cardholder’s status changes, the BAC should complete an online change request.

  1. Access Fobs are intended for use by contractors, vendors, and delivery personnel (Non-Husky Card Eligible Personnel) for interior CAAMS access.
  • To request a Fob, the Building Access Coordinator will need to submit a request to HS Building Management
  • Fobs are active for one year from date of issue
  • Fobs will be assigned to the Department, not to individuals
  • Exterior door access to Foege, Health Sciences, and South Campus Center will not be added to fobs
  • Under very limited circumstances, fobs may be issued to vendors with exterior access. Typically, these will be issued to vendors that serve large portions of all of the Health Sciences buildings, such as UPS, Airgas or Praxair.  Issuance of fobs with exterior access is solely at the discretion of HS Building Management.
  1. Visitors, Visiting Scientist, Visiting Scholars, Interns/Externs, and Volunteers that will have unescorted access or need after-hours access to exterior doors, must be issued a HS Access Badge.



Health Sciences Photo ID badge


Adding access category or categories for cardholder (per individual badge transaction)


HS Access Badge (for non-Husky Card eligible personnel)


Access fob (for temporary access to internal spaces)


The Building Management Office will audit unclaimed HS Access Badges once a month, contacting the BAC and the recipient of the badge. 

  • If the badge has not been collected after 90 days, the requesting department will be charged a $10 transaction fee.
  • If a photo was sent over with the request and a badge was printed, the requesting department will be charged the full price ($25) for the programming, printing, and materials fee of the badge.


  • Photo identification badges are University of Washington property and must be returned to the issuing department upon termination of appointment, employment and/or registration.
  • Each department is responsible for returning badges to Building Management when faculty/staff/students terminate.