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Bicycles are NOT allowed in the building.

  • Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 478-118-290 Bicycle Parking and Traffic Rules
  • Item (5): “Bicycles shall be parked only in bicycle racks. All bicycle owners are encouraged to secure their bicycles with a secure lock. At no time shall a bicycle be parked in a building, except where bicycle storage rooms are provided, near a building exit, on a path or sidewalk, in planted areas nor chained or otherwise secured to trees, lamp standards, railings, or sign posts.”
  • Item (8a): “Bicycles parked in violation of subsections (5), (6), and (7) of this section will be subject to seizure and impoundment by the university.”

Use a good solid lock for securing your bicycle.

Bicycles should be registered with the UW Police Department. This is a free service and can help track your bicycle if it is stolen.

Register Your Bike