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Building Notifications & Emergencies


Notifications and Emergencies


HS Building Management provides notifications to building occupant leaders in Health Sciences, the Foege Building, ARCF, Health Sciences Education Building, and South Campus Center.  These include utility shutdowns, construction updates, and exterior activities in the immediate vicinity.

If you are a department leader, and are not currently receiving notifications, contact HS Building Management:  hsbuild@uw.eduInclude your wing location(s) in the email so we can add your information to our notifications database.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the effects or timing of a shutdown, contact:  UW Facilities, Health Sciences Maintenance Zone at 206-543-4962.

Be sure to reference the six digit work request number in your message.


If you detect an emergency of any kind, please report it:

  • Fire or Smoke – If an alarm has not already sounded, pull the manual fire alarm, then evacuate.  If a pull station is not nearby, call 911.
  • Violence, Criminal Activity or Suspicious Behavior – Call the UW Police Department at 911.  If you are calling from a cell phone, ask to be transferred to UWPD.
  • Water – Flooding should be reported immediately to UW Facilities at 206-685-1900.
  • Elevator Entrapment – Call UW Facilities at 206-685-1900.
  • Power Outage – Call UW Facilities at 206-685-1900.
  • Other Utility Outages or Interruptions – Call UW Facilities at 206-685-1900.
  • Loud, Continuing Noise – Call HS Building Management at 206-685-0143.

Outside of Normal Business Hours

After hours, weekends, and holidays, call UW Facilities at 206-685-1900. Your call will be routed to the UW Police Department, who in turn will summon a Facilities Operations Maintenance Specialist (FOMS).

Health Sciences Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans