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Building Access Coordinator (BAC)


A Building Access Coordinator (BAC) is someone within a department or organizational unit who has been authorized to request Health Sciences photo ID badges, card access, and keys.

These BACs are registered with HS Building Management. A registered BAC may be located outside our facilities, as long as they have a business reason to request access.

To register or update Building Access Coordinators, fill out a Building Access Coordinator Authorization form and email it as a PDF to HS Building Management.

Once HS Building Management receives a new form, it will supersede all previous forms for your unit, so please be sure to list all current BACs. Please allow up to 2 business days to process updates.


Building Management controls the issuance of all Health Sciences Building keys via departmental Building Access Coordinators (BAC) .

  • Building Management keeps a record of key sub-numbers.
  • Each department must have a system in place that checks keys in and out as personnel change.
  • All issued keys are University property and must be returned upon leaving the University or upon request.
  • Any keys that are not issued to an individual should be kept in a secure lockbox by the Building Access Coordinator.
  • BACs may only request keys for their own department.
  • If a department needs keys to a space that it does not own, it must request the keys from the BAC of the owning department.
  • Written approval to order another department’s keys must be sent to Building Management. This may be an email.

Card Access

  • The BAC is responsible for coordinating their organizational unit’s Husky Card access requests.
  • The BAC is also responsible for coordinating access badges for individuals who are not eligible for a Husky Card.
  • All access requests and changes must be requested online by an authorized BAC.
  • If a BAC wishes to make changes to their own access, they must obtain their supervisor’s approval via online request or email.