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HS Building Management manages keys for Health Sciences, the Foege Building, ARCF, and South Campus Center.

  • The Health Sciences key system is designed along departmental lines, rather than building geography. This ensures that a department’s key series opens only their own rooms.
  • All space re-assignments, no matter how temporary, are to include re-keying to the new occupant’s key system.
  • Health Sciences keys are University of Washington property and must be returned to the issuing department upon termination of appointment, employment or registration.
  • When a key series is retired, it must be returned to Building Management for destruction.

Building Management processes all key orders for Health Sciences departments.

  • Only a Building Access Coordinator (BAC) can order keys.
  • BACs may send requests to
  • Building Management will verify key request information and assign sub-numbers.
  • This information will be sent to the Lock Shop, for key cutting. Key orders are submitted once a week on Fridays by Noon.
  • The BAC is notified that the keys are ready for pick up in T283.

To rekey a room, submit a work request to Facilities Services using one of the following options:

  • Online via FS WORKS.
  • Call the Facilities Customer Care Team at 206-685-1900.

Once your request is submitted:

  • Facilities Services will send a copy to the Lock Shop.
  • The Lock Shop will contact Building Management for approval.
  • If needed, Building Management will contact the Building Access Coordinator to verify the room and type of key wanted.


  • General Health Sciences policy is that a department is assigned only three master keys for their key series.
  • If one of these master keys is lost, all doors opened by that master must be rekeyed at the department’s expense.
  • Master keys should be stored in secure places.
  • Departmental master keys are audited annually.

Building Management

  • Building Management has a copy of all master keys.
  • With proper identification and intent, a master key may be borrowed to gain access to a room, if no one in the department with a master key is available.
  • This key must be returned within the same day.
  • If lost by the person checking the key out, they are responsible for paying for the rekey of that department.