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Health Sciences Building Management (206-685-0143, is responsible for the management of all corridors, hallways, common areas and stairwells in the Health Sciences Building, Foege Building and South Campus Center. This includes coordination with service partners to assure occupant needs are met in these areas.

View our consolidated corridor, stairwell and hallway policy

All corridor, hallway and common area furniture must be approved by HS Building Management prior to installation.

Do not move corridor, hallway and common area furniture from its assigned location.

Furniture is never permitted in stairwells.

If you have identified a need for permanent wayfinding signage in the corridors around your department, contact HS Building Management at We will work with you to develop and install wayfinding signage to assist people.

All permanent or temporary signage affixed to walls on corridors, hallways, common areas or stairwells must be approved by HS Building Management.  It is the responsibility of the requesting department to obtain approval BEFORE installation.

Any Peel and Stick signage produced by HSAS&F Posters & Photo intended for these types of areas must be installed by HS Building Management staff.  To aid in compliance, this service is provided without additional charge. Use the following web form to request review and approval of Posters & Photo-produced Peel and Stick signs.

Request Peel & Stick Post or Sign Installation

Signage: Temporary Event or Course

There is a strict no taping or tacking policy for the posting of items such as posters, flyers, temporary directional signs, advertisements and announcements throughout the Health Sciences Center, Foege and South Campus Center. All such items are restricted to display on sign standards, easels, elevators or designated bulletin boards.

Use bulletin boards, elevators or sign stands to locate promotional materials.

If you have an event that needs directional signage, contact HS Instructional Support ( or 206-543-6729) for sign stands. You provide the signs, Instructional Support will deliver and pick up the sign stands.

Departments may use their own sign stands or sandwich boards in the following designated areas: HS Lobby, E-court, I-court and Skamania Lane between North & South Foege.

To request additional space in the Health Sciences Building, the Foege Building or South Campus Center for your department or service unit, contact HS Building Management at to receive a space request form.

Upon receipt of your completed form, our office will assess your space needs, develop solutions and coordinate with appropriate service partners upon space assignment. To support efficient use of resources, there may be a financial obligation for using the assigned space.

With permission from HS Building Management, designated corridors may be used for:

  • Freezers
  • Filing cabinets
  • Display cases and bulletin boards
  • Break areas for food and drink
  • Lockers

Please also refer to Environmental Health & Safety’s Corridor Policy Focus Sheet.

Corridors, hallways and stairwells are designated exit routes, therefore storage of surplus items is not permitted in these locations. Loose items create a major hazard for emergency evacuation and emergency responders in the event of a fire or earthquake.

When surplus items are identified, submit your surplus property request:

Surplus Request

Don’t wait until “later” or “when we have a bunch of stuff” to submit requests. BMO staff conduct regular inspections of corridors and will contact your administrator if accumulations of items are seen. In addition, the Seattle Fire Department and Environmental Health & Safety conduct annual fire and safety inspections.

HS Building Management has a very limited amount of short-term storage available. If you have a large quantity of items for surplus, contact HS Building Management at to inquire about temporary storage. If HS Building Management doesn’t have storage space available, your department may need to lease space off-campus.