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Posting Policy


HS Building Management Bulletin Board Posting Approval

Announcements for University of Washington affiliated events, courses and research studies may be approved for posting by HS Building Management. Affiliated events must be sponsored by a UW department or registered student organization, or take place in a UW facility.  The name of the sponsoring department or RSO must be clearly displayed on the announcement.


Posting is limited to the specific bulletin board locations listed below and within the elevators* in Magnuson Health Sciences.  

  • E-wing 2nd floor, across from the Etc. E-court café
  • I-court 1st floor, outside I132 and I140 classrooms
  • T-wing 3rd floor, outside T360
  • T-wing 4th floor, outside T435, T439 and T466
  • T-wing 5th floor, opposite Stair T4 in corridor with lockers
  • T-wing 6th floor, outside T625, T639 and T663
  • T-wing 7th floor, outside T733, T739 and T747 lecture halls
  • South Campus Center, opposite 2nd and 3rd floor entrances

Bulletin boards in other locations are not managed by HS Building Management. Posting in these areas requires local departmental approval.


All announcements posted in the above locations require approval from HS Building Management. 

  • Obtain approval by sending your flyer as a PDF to
  • The HS Building Management approval stamp is valid for 30 days. 
  • Individuals must post their own notices.
  • Any announcements posted on the locations listed above without the approval stamp will be removed.

Posting in Elevators*

Please note that posting is not permitted within the BB-Wing, Foege South (Genome Sciences), Health Sciences Education Building, or South Campus Center elevators. All posting in the Foege North (Bioengineering) elevators must be approved by the Department of Bioengineering.

Posting in permitted elevators is limited to:

  • Announcements for events, seminars or courses that occur within the Health Sciences Center or University of Washington Medical Center.
  • Recruitment notices for University of Washington research studies.

Protecting Walls

In order to protect the painted walls, do not directly attach posters, flyers, signs, etc. Tape, pins, screws, and nails can damage the paint.