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Photo ID Badges


HS Building Management prints photo IDs for faculty, staff, students, and visitors for the Health Sciences Building.

  • The Building Access Coordinator (BAC) submits an online request for a HS Photo ID.
  • If a photograph is attached to the online request, the BAC will be notified when the badge is ready for pick-up in Room T283 (badges are not mailed).
  • After the BAC submits the request, the individual may also send a passport-style photo with a blank background to HS Building Management. Selfies are acceptable.


  • Individuals in the building after-hours must have a UW-issued or affiliate-issued photo identification.  A UW Husky Card may be used for this purpose.
  • Photo identification (ID) badges are a supplement to Husky Cards.
  • A Husky Card or HS Access Badge is needed to enter secure areas or the building after hours.
  • A department may make a policy that their personnel must wear photo IDs at all times.

Husky Cards