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Photo ID Badges


HS Building Management prints photo IDs for faculty, staff, students, and visitors for Magnuson Health Sciences, the Foege Building, ARCF, Health Sciences Education Building, and South Campus Center.

  • The Building Access Coordinator (BAC) submits an online request for a HS Photo ID.
  • If a photograph is attached to the online request, the BAC will be notified when the badge is ready for pick-up in Room T283 (badges are not mailed).
  • After the BAC submits the request, the individual should send a passport-style photo against a blank background to HS Building Management. Selfies are acceptable.


  • Individuals in the building after-hours must have a UW-issued or affiliate-issued photo identification.  A UW Husky Card may be used for this purpose.
  • Photo identification (ID) badges are a supplement to Husky Cards.
  • A Husky Card or HS Access Badge is needed to enter secure areas or the building after hours.
  • A department may make a policy that their personnel must wear photo IDs at all times.

Husky Cards