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Biowaste Collection


Before setting up an account for collection, treatment, and disposal of your biohazardous/regulated or trace chemo/hazardous drug waste by the UW biohazardous waste contractor:

New Customers

After completing the above, set up an account by filling out the Biohazardous/Regulated Waste Collection Form:

Biohazardous/Regulated Waste Collection Form

Existing customers

Schedule an on-call pickup:

Schedule Pickup

Additional Information

For building specific information, see the Environmental Health & Safety Biohazardous Waste page for information and the Biohazardous Waste Stream Flow Charts. For specifics regarding trace chemo/hazardous drug waste visit the EH&S Chemotherapy and Other Hazardous Drugs website.

If you have questions about these waste streams, contact EH&S Research & Occupational Safety at or 206-221-7770.

If you have questions about these procedures email or call the HS Laboratory Services Manager at 206-616-3260.