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Lab Services Pricing


Rates for Lab Services

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Taxes & Overhead: Sales Tax (10.1%) and Institutional Overhead Charge (15.6%) are added to all cash, check and credit card transactions.

Rates Starting Autumn Quarter 2019

Service Fee
Autoclaving (Biohazardous Waste) $16 per load
Autoclaving (Reagents, Suppies) $16 per load
Dry Heat Sterilization $16 per load
Dishwashing $15 per load
Casework Testing $250
Biohazard Bag (Red, 14×19) $1
Biohazard Bag (Red, 14×19) $1
Media Plate (Blood Agar) $2
Media Plate (Hektone Enteric) $2
Media Plate (MacConkey Agar) $1
Media Plate (Mannitol Salt Agar) $1
Media Plate (TSY Agar) $1
Media Plate (XLD) $1
Media Slant (TSI) $1
Media Slant (LIA) $1
Media Tube (Brilliant Green Bile Broth) $1
First Aid Supplies – Adhesive Tape $3 per box
First Aid Supplies – Plastic Strip Bandages $2 per box
First Aid Supplies – Burn Cream $1 for 5
First Aid Supplies – Alcohol Pads $1 for 10

Rates for Remaining Spring/Summer Quarters 2019




Autoclaving (biohazardous waste) $10.00 Per load
Autoclaving (reagents, supplies) $10.00 Per load
Casework Testing $250.00 Per sample
Dry Heat Sterilization $10.00 Per load
Dishwashing $12.00 Per load
Biohazard bag, red, 14 x 19, each $0.50 Each
Biohazard bag, red, 19 x 23, each $1.00 Each
Media Plates, Blood Agar $1.20 Each
Media Plates, Hektone Enteric $1.40 Each
Media Plates, MacConkey Agar $0.80 Each
Media Plates, Mannitol Salt Agar $1.15 Each
Media, Plates, TSY Agar $0.80 Each
Media Plates, XLD $1.00 Each
Media Slants, TSI $0.85 Each
Media Slants, LIA $0.75 Each
Media Tubes, Brilliant Green Bile Broth $0.80 Each
Media Tubes, Lauryl Tryptose Broth $0.90 Each
Pipette Tips 200uL, 96/box $4.00 Box
Sharps container, small $2.00 Each
Sharps container, medium $5.00 Each
Sharps container, large $6.00 Each
Thermalog 3M Comply Indicator $0.25 Each