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HSEB 325 Active Learning Classroom


HSEB 325 located in UWS Health Sciences Education Building is a general assignment Active Learning Classroom (ALC) seating 152 people. The classroom is designed for groupwork with 16 pods of 8 people and 4 pods of 6 people that include a 4K touchscreen monitor and Video Conferencing Soundbar and Camera at each pod.  The computer inputs at each individual station can be shared throughout the room to allow for larger discussion of the small group work.


  • 152 person seating capacity
  • Tables and rolling chairs in pods 
    • Rolling tables in the middle 
    • Fixed tables along the walls with raised chairs
  • Podium and raised chair (Instructor Area)
  • Whiteboards

Audio/Visual Equipment

  • 2 Laser projectors
  • 20 – 4K touchscreen monitors (1 at each pod)
  • Connection Types
    • HDMI w/ adaptor ring
    • Wireless Video
  • A/V Bridge
  • Microphones
    • 1 Gooseneck podium microphone
    • 1 Wireless lavaliere (Podium Key required)
    • 1 Wireless handheld (Podium Key required)
    • 20 Array microphones on Video Conferencing Soundbars (1 at each pod)
  • Assisted listening device
  • Cameras
    • 2 wall mounted cameras
    • 20 cameras on Video Conferencing Soundbars (1 at each pod)
  • Digital document camera

A/V Learning Resources 

Food/Beverage Service

  • Food and drink are NOT permitted in this space or neighboring spaces