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AV Learning Resources

Touch Panel

Instructions on how to use a touch panel in our lecture halls and classrooms.

AV Bridge Cart

It includes a flat screen monitor on a cart with wheels. It also features a camera, microphone, and speakers that are integrated in one soundbar located below the monitor.

Microphone and Camera Kit

This is a great solution if you need to record a lecture or hold a video conference in a room without a camera or microphone. Includes one USB camera, one USB microphone, and one tripod.

Video Conferencing Cart

This is a great solution to record lectures or hold a video conference in small room. The cart includes a flat screen monitor on a cart with wheels. A camera is mounted above the monitor along with one wired microphone, one HDMI cable, and one keyboard/trackpad.

Video Conferencing Room (SCC 342 + SCC 350)

These rooms offer a flat screen monitor, a fixed microphone that can pick up the entire room, and an integrated video conferencing system.

AV Bridge (Lecture Halls and Classrooms)

Some of our lecture halls and classrooms offer a USB AV bridge to interface with the camera + microphone system. Simply plug the USB cable into your device, and you’ll be able to select the in room camera + microphone on your video conferencing software.

Wireless Microphone

Instructions on how to pair a wireless microphone to its receiver.

USB Wireless Microphone

We also offer a USB microphone that can be used with your laptop.

Conference Phone

  •  Conference phone with the ability to make calls on the wireless network.