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AV Learning Resources

Touch Panel

Instructions on how to use a touch panel in our lecture halls and classrooms.

AV Bridge Cart

It includes a flat screen monitor on a cart with wheels. It also features a camera, microphone, and speakers that are integrated in one soundbar located below the monitor.

Microphone and Camera Kit

This is a great solution if you need to record a lecture or hold a video conference in a room without a camera or microphone. Includes one USB camera, one USB microphone, and one tripod.

AV Bridge (Lecture Halls and Classrooms)

Some of our lecture halls and classrooms offer a USB AV bridge to interface with the camera + microphone system. Simply plug the USB cable into your device, and you’ll be able to select the in room camera + microphone on your video conferencing software.

Wireless Presentation Devices

Some of our classrooms and lecture halls have the ability to wirelessly display your device.

Wireless Microphone

Instructions on how to pair a wireless microphone to its receiver.

USB Wireless Microphone

We also offer a USB microphone that can be used with your laptop.

Conference Phone

  •  Conference phone with the ability to make calls on the wireless network.