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February 28, 2022

HSEB Building Update

With the opening of the new Health Sciences Education Building, we are excited to add a third active learning classroom, HSEB 325, to our priority scheduling request form (along with SOCC 221 and SOCC 303).  Moving forward we will refer to this collection of rooms as Priority ALCs, but we will continue to schedule these spaces using the current scheduling process.  Active Learning Classrooms are highly utilized classroom spaces.  Placement in an ALC is determined by the following factors: technological need, capacity, order of request, required course vs. elective, and indication of priority (by program).

*If a program is submitting more than one course request for an ALC, please indicate which course should have the highest priority for placement.  While placement in an ALC is not guaranteed, program course priorities will be considered.

The new building features several medium and large classrooms with flexible furniture to support collaborative learning. These spaces can be requested by preferencing room features, such as specific AV equipment and furniture configurations, when scheduling courses or events. Please note that all departments will have the opportunity to request equipment and features of the new building. Another scheduling benefit of the HSEB is that as courses move into the new building, highly sought after spaces in our existing buildings will become more available. 

If you have any questions about the scheduling request process or general questions about the new building, please join our Academic Scheduler, Brandi Hair, for informal Zoom office hours next week at the following times:


Examples topics for Office Hours:

  • How to request course changes after TS Construction has closed
  • How/when to request spaces in the new building
  • Features of the new building
  • Using 25Live and SDB for course scheduling

You can also send scheduling questions to