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How To Read Your Reservation Confirmation


Your request is not confirmed until you receive a reservation confirmation at the email address specified by the requestor.

Once you have received your reservation confirmation, please take a moment to review the important information that you are accountable for.

Things to Know:

  • Event Reference Number: This unique sequence of numbers and letters is linked to directly to your reservation and is important to know if you contact our office with any cancellation, questions, or changes. 
  • Billing Information: Any billing information (budget number, billing address, etc.) will appear underneath the Meeting Title/Descriptions heading of your event confirmation. Any additional comments about the reservation are also stored here.

Other Items to Look For:

  • Room Assignment: Double check your reservation confirmation for your room assignment. Contact our office if you have any questions or do not have a room assigned.
  • Additional Policies: Carefully review the use policies. Deviation from use policies will result in additional fees.