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Service Pricing

Classroom Services Rate Categories
 Service and Rate Guidelines:

There are 4 primary rate categories for Classroom Services events. Rates vary whether your event is for a course, student group (RSO), or special event and if you are a member of the UW community. Below, you can see our four rate categories and the criteria for determining which rate category for CRS spaces, equipment, and services applies for your course or events.

These rate categories went into effect starting Autumn Quarter 2019.

To make a reservation request for Classroom Services rooms, equipment, and AV operators, please fill out our request form.
For more information about Classroom Services policies, please visit our policies page.
For further questions, please contact us as or 206 543-6729. 

Delivery Assistant: Equipment delivery by UW staff member or student (set-up/break-down not included).
Event Assistant: Equipment delivery, set-up/break-down and basic event support by UW staff member or student (when available).
Media Technician: Media specialist providing high-level technical support for equipment and connectivity assurance (when available). 

Taxes & Overhead: Sales Tax (10.1%) and Institutional Overhead Charge (15.6%) are added to all cash, check and credit card transactions.

There is no charge attached to support calls for problems with installed in-room equipment owned by Classroom Services (unrelated to the set-up of an equipment reservation). 

 Labor Type UW Academic Rate UW Activity Rate Non-UW Activity Rate 
Delivery Assistant $25 $25 $35
Event Assistant $40 $40 $50
Media Technician $50 $50 $60
After-Hours Support $60 $60 $70
Short-Notice Fee $25 $25 $35

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For General Assignment Classrooms and Special Event Spaces in Health Sciences, Foege Genome, and South Campus Center.

Advance Notice: Requests must be made at least 21 days in advance. Requests not meeting this criteria will incur a short-notice fee.
Cancellation & Other Fees: See reservation policies for complete information on cancellation and fees.
Installed Equipment: Use of installed equipment is included in room rental rates.
Labor: Classroom Services staff are not required to be present for the duration of room reservations. Staff presence can be requested for a fee.
Multi-day Events: Events scheduled over multiple days receive a 25% discount on room rates if the following criteria are met:

  • Event spans over 2 or more days.
  • Room(s) are scheduled for 8 or more hours per day.
  • Multi-day event request is booked all at one time.

Taxes & Overhead: Sales Tax (10.1%) and Institutional Overhead Charge (15.6%) are added to all cash, check and credit card transactions.

Classroom Services operational hours are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. During off-hours and on weekends, we are not able to offer the following services:

  • Room Set-Up/Break-Down
  • Operator Services
  • Event Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Equipment Delivery

If you are planning a complex event that will occur after-hours, contact Classroom Services staff at to discuss your options.

Please note that the Health Sciences (HS), Foege, and South Campus Center (SCC) buildings are open to the public and rooms are utilized by UW faculty, staff and students in addition to non-UW community members. Due to this, Classroom Services cannot guarantee the condition of the spaces. While all of the spaces in HSB, SCC, and Foege are cleaned daily (M-F), room conditions can vary depending on the level of activity. In particular, for spaces indicated with an asterisk, members of the public are free to pass through these common areas, even during reserved activities. Members of the public are typically respectful of event activities. The following rooms are designated as flexible classrooms and have no default layout (SCC 301, SCC 342, SCC 346, SCC 348, SCC 350, HST 473, HST 530, HST 531). Although rare, it is possible to encounter missing or stolen furniture or equipment in rooms, particularly on the weekends or in the late evenings. If you are hosting an after-hours event, we recommend showing up early to ensure room conditions are satisfactory and to problem-solve, if necessary. If this occurs and your event is significantly impacted, please document the issue(s) via photo or video and send a brief statement of impact to Classroom Services staff will contact impacted parties during regular operational hours.

To ensure the cleanliness of a space, customers can request an area be cleaned prior to an event. To do so, contact UW Custodial Services at A fee will be incurred for special cleaning requests.

General assignment spaces are prioritized for courses. Although rare, it is possible that events in these spaces could be relocated with short notice to accommodate the needs of a UW course. Classroom Services will do everything possible to find a comparable room replacement for events that are relocated.

Room Type (maximum 12 hours) UW Academic Rate (per hour) UW Activity Rate (per hour) Non-UW Activity Rate (per hour)
GAC: 10-20 person capacity room $10 $15 $30
GAC: 21-30 person capacity room $20 $30 $45
GAC: 31-55 person capacity room $30 $40 $65
GAC: 56-482 person capacity room $40 $50 $85
SE: E Court Cafe (D210) $25 $45 (minimum 4 hours) $65 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: Red Lounge (T469) $40 $60 (minimum 4 hours) $80 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: Rotunda Foyer $60 $95 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: HS Lobby $55 $90 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: Vista Cafe $75 $100 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: HSEB Lobby $60 $95 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: HSEB Student Kitchen $60 $95 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: HSEB B103 Anatomage Room $25 $45 (minimum 2 hours) 65 (minimum 2 hours)
SE: HSEB 325 (Active Learning Classroom) $75 $100 (minimum 2 hours) $200 (minimum 2 hours)
SE: Crow’s Nest (SCC 354) $50 $75 (minimum 2 hours) $100 (minimum 2 hours)
SE: SCC 316 $60 $95 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: SCC Kitchenette (SCC 316 D) $15 $25 (minimum 2 hours) $45 (minimum 2 hours)
SE: SCC 3rd Floor Lobby $50 $70 (minimum 4 hours) $180 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: SCC Portage Bay Area $55 $90 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: SCC Terrace $55 $90 (minimum 4 hours) $200 (minimum 4 hours)
SE: SCC 221 (Active Learning Classroom) $75 $100 (minimum 2 hours) $200 (minimum 2 hours)
SE: SCC 303 (Active Learning Classroom) $65 $100 (minimum 2 hours) $200 (minimum 2 hours)
Video Conferencing Suite (T235) $50 $60 $85

Checking Room Availability: The University has migrated to using 25Live for space tracking across campus. We are working with the Registrar’s office to fully configure the software, but it is now possible for anyone with a UW NetID to check the availability of specific rooms through 25Live.

You can access 25Live at: and login with your UW NetID.  From there, you can use the location section of the “Quick Search” box or the “Locations” tab to look up a space by room number. Try searching for T479, D209, SOCC 316, or 060.  Events scheduled in those rooms will appear as green boxes with the event names visible. No other details about events or classes are visible beyond time and name.

Please be aware that there is a limit to how far out you can see room availability.  For general assignment spaces like classrooms or lecture halls, you can’t see beyond currently scheduled quarters. For special event spaces, the limit is one year. Once 25Live is fully integrated as a scheduling tool, Instructional Support will provide 25Live training to all users. Stay tuned for more details.

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Taxes & Overhead: Sales Tax (10.1%) and Institutional Overhead Charge (15.6%) are added to all cash, check and credit card transactions.
Reserved equipment is for use on the main Seattle campus only. Equipment with wheels cannot leave the designated service areas of the Health Sciences Building, South Campus Center and the Foege Building. Equipment cannot be transported offsite to other locations.
Equipment Type UW Academic Rate UW Activity Rate Non-UW Activity Rate
Document Camera $45 $70 $95
Laptop (PC, MAC) $65 $90 $140
Portable LCD Projector $100 $150 $200
Overhead Projector $35 $40 $55
Tabletop Podium (no microphone) $15 $25 $35
Rolling Podium $20 $30 $40
Portable Screen $15 $25 $35
TV/DVD Player on Cart $50 $75 $100
DVD Player, USB $5 $10 $15
Wired Microphone (handheld) $25 $30 $45
Wireless Microphone (handheld or lapel) $65 $90 $140
Speaker $45 $70 $95
Event Chairs (stack of 10) $10 $15 $25
Whiteboard $15 $25 $35
Coat Rack $15 $25 $35
Directional Sign Standards $5 $10 $15
Easel $10 $15 $25
Portable Partitions $35 $40 $55
Tables (6ft, 8ft, 10ft) $10 $15 $25
Conference Phone $45 $70 $95
Stanchion Pole $10 $15 $25
Stanchion Rope $10 $15 $25
Waste Containers $40 $40 $60
Podium Key Replacement $15 $15 $15

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