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A/V Support


4 Easy Steps for Troubleshooting


  1. Make Sure Everything is Turned ON

    • Confirm projector, computer, microphones, and other components that need
      power are turned on.
  2. Check Connections

    • Confirm cables are plugged into laptop/device (un-plug and plug back in).
    • Make sure HDMI/VGA/Auxiliary cables are plugged into the wall.
    • If you need an adapter, you may pick one up from our office in room T291A.
  3. Check Touch Panel Settings

    • Make sure panel is responding.
    • Confirm the correct input is selected on the panel (HDMI, VGA, DOC CAM,
    • Confirm the projector and audio are not muted.
  4. Check Computer Settings

    • Check display settings
      • For PC users, hit “Windows Key + P” and select “Duplicate” or “Extend”
      • For MAC users, hit “Command + F1” or go to System Preferences > Display, and make sure mirrored display is selected.
    • Check volume levels and make sure correct playback device is chosen.


Call our office at (206) 543-6729 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm for assistance with a classroom technology emergency.