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COVID19 Update

Due to public health considerations from COVID19, our policies and procedures have changed. 

We are not accepting non critical/essential reservation requests through the end of 2020 and likely through the end of WIN21 per the current UW public health guidelines and directives. We will provide further updates on availability here as they are determined.

To ensure compliance with public health guidelines, the following process has been set up to review new requests:

All in-person course or meeting/event requests must be reviewed and approved by their respective school’s Associate Dean prior to CRS processing request and in accordance with current public health guidelines. 

  •  Individual units must submit justification for what makes event essential along with corresponding Covid 19 prevention plan to their school’s Associate Dean
  •  Associate Dean reviews requests and provides guidance and feedback as needed
    • If your organization does not have an Associate Dean, please submit justification and COVID19 prevention plans to Lacey Racich ( and Steve Berard (
  •  If request is approved, Associate Dean contacts Lacey Racich ( and Steve Berard ( to process request
  • Classroom Services follows up with primary request contact/course or event coordinator to confirm reservation details

 Thank you for you patience and flexibility as we navigate these new challenges. If you have any questions, please contact us at .