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Course Capture and Video Conferencing


Course Recording + Video Conferencing 

Some of our rooms offer the ability to record lectures and host video conferences via ZOOM or other web conferencing applications. There are a few different ways to accomplish this:  


  • USB A/V Bridge – USB cable that is plugged into your laptop/device which can access the camera + audio in the room. You’ll need software downloaded onto your computer such as Panopto or ZOOM to record.



    • Available in A-420, D-209, S-060 (Foege Auditorium), T-439,T-473, T-531, T-625, T-639, T-733, SCC- 221, SCC- 301 
  • Panopto Recorder – A physical piece of hardware in the room. Faculty or staff can schedule a Panopto recording before lectures; once scheduled, it will record automatically. The presenter just needs to plug in their laptop to the HDMI or VGA cable and use the microphones provided in the podium. No software is needed on your device to record.
    • For use with Course Recording only 
    • Only located in D-209 
  • Video Codec – A physical video codec hardware (like a polycomm box) is located in the room. You can conduct a ZOOM call through the touch panel in the room. No software is needed on your computer, but you will need your laptop/device to share content to the far end of a video conference. You can set it up to record through settings on ZOOM. Does not work with Panopto. 

    • Available in D-209, T-235, T-435, T-439,T-733 
  • Wireless USB Lapel Microphones – These rentable microphones plug directly into laptops and may be checked out from Classroom Services for use in rooms without A/V.


For more information on ZOOM conferencing and how to schedule Panopto recording, please visit the UW-IT help page.