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Course Casting


To request a Mediasite recording in a HSB room, fill out the online request form:

online request form

What Health Sciences Building rooms is Mediasite course casting available in?

Room Location Capacity Features
D-209 Health Sciences D Wing 168 Multiple Camera
K-069 Health Sciences K Wing 94 Single Camera
RR134 Medical Center RR 50 Single Camera
S-060 Foege  Building 194 Single Camera
T-435 Health Sciences T Wing 185 Multiple Camera
T-439 Health Sciences T Wing 229 Single Camera
T-639 Health Sciences T Wing 117 Single Camera
T-733 Health Sciences T Wing 118 Multiple Camera
T-739 Health Sciences T Wing 121 Single Camera
T-747 Health Sciences T Wing 117 Single Camera

What is course casting?
Course casting is a way to automate video recordings of lectures and make them available to view via web browsers. The intent of this technology is to provide participants with an opportunity to view lectures they had to miss or to review lectures they attended.

  • Mediasite is the program used in the Health Sciences lecture halls.
  • Panopto is another course capture system that is managed by UW-IT and was recently launched in all UW campuses. Panopto will be replacing Tegrity and UW Coursecasting offered in the upper campus instructional spaces; to clarify, the upper campus instructional spaces do not include the Health Sciences lecture halls. While Panopto is not built in to the lecture halls, we do offer wireless lapel mics that plug into laptops via USB, and will record audio over slides. For more information visit the UW-IT web page, Panopto Help Center.

How does Mediasite work?
Mediasite recorders are installed in select lecture halls. The installed camera is pointed in the general direction of the podium, and is connected to the recorder. The recorder is also connected to the main data projector, capturing any source that is being projected (laptop, DVD, etc.). The recorder will record both sources along with the audio from the PA system. After the recording is made, this data is sent to the Mediasite server and instantly made available for viewing.

What does the presenter need to do?
All he/she needs to do is speak into the installed room microphone and make sure their voice is heard through the speakers, connect a laptop for presentation slides if needed, and begin the presentation. Because the recordings are automated, there is no need to worry about starting or stopping the recording.
When do the Mediasite recordings start and stop?
By default, we will schedule the recordings to start 2 minutes before the start of the class or meeting. The recording will also end 4 minutes after the scheduled end of the class or meeting. For example, if a class time is from 9:30am-10:20am, the recording will start at 9:28am and end at 10:24am. This will allow for some additional coverage in case the course starts early and/or runs a little over the scheduled time.

Who can view these Mediasite recordings?

Unless otherwise requested, only students registered to the respective course can view the course recordings. Event recordings can be set up so that anyone with a UW NetID can view the recording.

How long will the Mediasite content remain available online?

Recordings will be maintained until end of the same quarter of the following year. 

Can I get a copy of the recorded Mediasite content?

For the general user, the answer is no. Video and presentation material are not downloadable to the user’s local computer. For administrative archiving purposes, recordings can be exported so the departments can retain them for their own purposes if they wish.

How much will this cost?

Please refer to our Service Pricing.

If you have any questions you can contact Health Sciences Classroom Services for a quote at or call 206-543-6729.

Who do I contact with additional Mediasite questions or to report a problem?

Contact Health Sciences Classroom Services at or call 206-543-6729.